A night in the male strip club

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Author: Michael – Michael at your place

So what is it like being the stripper who works at the club? Let me tell you it seems like this special thing but really just another gig for a dancer. I will give you a story line of the process as I have experienced it in the past.

Lets start with the male strip club usually runs like a well automated machine with regular shows and dancers as well unlike other types of dance involving this type of activity. The male strip club entertainer just needs to be accepted by the night club they are going to work at is all. The process involves them making sure you are male, a little fit and breathing for some brands to you being a tru athlete and a master of your craft for other arenas. How do you get hired? Just like any other job, turn in the resume or submit the online application.

The days leading up to the night club show usually on a Friday or Saturday night there are always some nerves. Even very experienced dancers get them and here is why, questions like who will be there, how much will I make, I have to take off my clothing and more. Some guys even have to be standing in attention if you know what I mean which can be difficult as well with blood circulation pains. O the night of the first show they fellas walk through the front door, greet the manager/owner or bartender and head to the changing room. Sometimes they mingle with the audience before the show begins to attract more customers to come inside. Lots of talking, story telling and maybe a little routine drilling goes in the back room prior to the show beginning. As time gets closer and closer first costumes go on and the first guy is up or the group dance is about to begin.

Depending on the type of male strip club you can get a group coming out doing a staged routine or solos. The group routine is more burlesque style and always a bit chesssy but some male strip clubs managed to make it sexy as well. Usually they use props and do big jumps like street perfomers and their is no male dancing really. Then the real performance begins and all of the solo acts start to come out. These routines are based off the personality of the dancer and can be whatever they make it. Since this is a strip club the routine may have been given to the dancer as well by a teacher or leader. The solo acts can last from 1 to 3 songs per the dancer and how much the crowd likes what he does. Being able to dance on stage without touching the crowd or lap dances is actually a skill. Most dancers do not have a act or routine and just twirl a bit and chase lap dances.

After The group show and the solo we usually go and work the crowd. Sometimes this happens during solos as well to keep the crowd interested in the show that is happening. For most dancers escpecially the talkers and the ones who like th mingle this is the best part. They get to go earn those extra tips by being friendly with the crowd and mingling with everyone around. A good dj on the mic on hype man is great for this part as well. As time rolls on though the doors dont clothes but it is time for the fellas who are not dancers to enter the room. The club takes advantage of all the girls being in ones spot by letting the regulars in asap because though know ladies are there which attracts male clients.

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