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I am making this post from clients who have book me in prior shows without having the flare of reddit behind myself. These question are the top ones that happen every year and in the high percentage of bookings for me. It is interested that different types of people if different backgrounds will all ask the same question in a different sort of way, so here we go. I am keeping these question PG rated of course but some times they are rated R.

Do you live around here, where do you live?

My answer to this question will be close or 25 miles away or somthing similar. Without telling the clients something out of this world, it is a polite way of saying can’t tell you that and it is not really that important. Even if we see each other again we will not truly see each other so no need for familiars. I guess since we just had some exchanges it seems pretty common to ask questions you would a normal human being. Is a male stripper a normal person? I am not sure.

Can we touch you?

The answer is Yes. There is no male stripper whether private parties or male revue that does not come in contact with the guest. It is just what we do for the most part. The dancer may perform a trick with you and there are so many or give you a lap dance. If the dancer is touching you then you are free to touch back and it is just a thing that happens. It is interesting some times doing parties and the guest treat you with the up most respect and dont want to. On the other side of the coin I do shows where no one ask and off the rip anything goes for them so it can go either way. I would let you know if there is a issue and i have never let any one know unless they are makeing a mess or something.

What is your workout?

I am not sure why I get asked this question so much but it is just a normal workout. Every body has its own shape sizes and features for the most part and the guest are seeing mine live and in person. I take the question as a compliment that I was the body they wanted for their party so it is actually a good question to ask. I usually tell them my routine until the subject gets changed which it always happens. I can see a second business here getting personal training work from shows but of course the guest are not local so a no go here.

Are we the best party you ever had?

I made mistakes in the pass saying not really lol but I tell them which is being honest you were one of the best. I can really never tell them the truth since I have done a number of parties. I would put it like this, if a group was the wildest party or untamed I ever had, you probably would not even bother to ask the question. Different strokes for different folks and I hav seen or experience some party guest only another dancer would know all about. When I first started dancing I had bad or not so good parties in my mind but now they all are good. Every party is the best party now a days o matter the group in attendance.

How can you do this?

This one threw me off guard when I first heard it but I was like, it is a gig i like. I did not take offense to the question more so why she asked then i analyze a bit more, she put herself in my shoes and can to this questioning. Clients should always remember that male strippers have full time jobs, no dancer unless they are in Vegas or benefit from a tri-city area will only be a male stripper.

Where do you work?

This is a fun question to answer because the obvious come back is here with you at your party. When serious again I may give them a industy and leave it there without the specifics. I go back to the question above with after the show is done people start asking the common questions again but the the situation it is best not to answer them. Per the dancer you here, the guy can really be a complete mystery. Let say you book form a agency, the dancer will have fake name and may also of given the agency the same thing so their is 0 accountability if things happen. It will fall back to the agency who knows the dancer as much as the party did.

Can you get naked?

This question varies from the state you live in to if your dancing in a public or private setting as well. If dancing in a public bar with no credentials then no, the building is not zoned for that. If the dancing at a private party the answer is yes but a vague one, there are many factors of course and I like to feel comfortable with the situation.

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