Best Bachelorette Destinations 2024

Last Updated on: 2nd February 2024, 06:15 pm

Why is Charleston SC the place where bachelorettes go?

The top destination towns can easily be found by a google search and if you add the word bachelorette to the search, Charleston will be right there. Lets start right off and say downtown has went out of its way to cater to all the travelors to town. The food is not so bad and lot of good eateries for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and night life bites as well. All of the marked historic sites which are well preserved or the small beaches that are quiet and full of activities. There are a abundance of places to stay at from airbnb. The upscales hotels are not bad either if you really want to be taken care of on your visit to town. This is why Charleston tops the list when it comes to bride tribes visiting town.

This city of Charleston knows it is a Bachelorette destination city as well so it has morphed itself into a place tourist like to travel. Business after business pops up in the are and is dedicated only to bachelorettes. There is charted boats one love to share their photos of baches on facebook, tons of yoga LLCs trying to get their next bachelorette party class, party buses with packages and much more. I think the best way to know if the city is a bachelorette town is by just googling. If more than a handful of businesses dedicated their time to only bachelorettes than it must be a city known for baches. Even nationwide strippers companies cant stay away from the potential for bachelorettes these days. Everyone usually ends up in 2 spots though when they visit. As I said above the beaches or downtown, and a high percentage of bachelorette parties just exist in that realm of things to do.

Savannah Ga

Have you ever been to Savannah GA? It is just like Charleston for the most part, a port city with a water way, college town vibe, history, tourist attactions and lots of good eats. It is another bachelorette hotspot when it comes to places bachelorettes go to party. Most of they time partiers choose to stay with a rental airbnb on their visit but there are some high class hotels. The resturants of choice are Common Thread, Brochus and The Olde Pink House to name a few. The best rooftop bars are Myrle & Rose, Perrys Lane Peregrin or Rocks on the roof. Some landmarks for visitors to see are Forsyth Parth, the cobbleston streets, the design distrct, Broughton Street, Chippewa Square and the beach waterfront areas.There are plenty of businesses competing for your attention like ghost tours, live music, charter boats and more. This mini Charleston is another who on the list to go to by bachelorettes.

Where else can you go?

This list will contain other towns I have found that are just as great as Charleston. I have not been to them so my explanation is not as good but I am in Charleston so I know where I am

  1. Las Vegas
  2. NYC
  3. Miami
  4. Nashville
  5. Scotsdale
  6. Austin
  7. Tampa
  8. Los Angelos
  9. New Orleans
  10. Other cities – San Fran, Atlanta, and more. Sorry if I left your town off the list for 2024

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