Can I hire a male stripper for myself

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I was about to add this question to my FAQ then changed my mind and decided to write a blog about it. I will give you a few reasons why you should and should not do it. Being a male stripper I would definitely hire a male stripper for female for myself, think of it as a person working a side gig and wants to do you show no matter the reason.


The biggest issue with hiring a male stripper for yourself would be safety. Let be honest, your hiring a stranger you dont know to come where you are and take off their clothing for you. I would tell a friend or relative what you are doing first hand unless you know the dancer or have references from another person on him. Both of these will go a long way in you not feeling so nervous about what you are doing. The biggest thing is before he starts his performance set very clear Boundaries and you should be as clear as you can make yourself. Communication is best and there should be just enough so the show is not ruined but you know and are aware what he is doing. To reinerate set boundaries and at least one other person should know on this day or night a male dancer came over to give me a private dance.

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Feeling Nervous

Anyone who has never seen a dancer would be nervous for the first time for sure. You have no clue what to expect plus you are one on one with the other person vs a group setting. To the dancer it would just be another show for the most part, after doing a few of them it can be 1 person, 3 people or 100 people, it all seems to be the same for the most part. The only difference for the dancer is how wild a show might be with the high number of people present. You might be wondering well what does the dancer think of me for …. to cut your thought off the answer is nothing. I am happy I was able to book a show and you choose me as the one to do it for you so, I am going to be there bells and whistles on and no concern for anything else except giving you a great show. After the first 1-2 songs any nervous feeling will be long gone and you will be enjoying your entertainer of choice.

Have I ever done a show like this

Yes, I have done a few shows where the client booked a party and no one showed up but she still wanted the show, husband wife where the goes into another room or just observes or shows with two or three people. They are just as easy to do as a show with 10-20 people in it and there is no concern. From the dancers point of view these shows can get a little awkward per who you hired. These types of shows require the dance to tease more, feel you out and just dance more as a solo artist. Most dancer dance by constantly giving lap dances, grabbing females or are hand on for a high percentage of the party so put in a sitution where all there tricks get old on the same person maybe a little rough for them. Why, they just run out of things they can do and may talk to much or freeze. These shows are interesting to me because you just have to slow everything down, in a room full of 20 people you can move around frequently. In a room full of 1-3 each person can get 2 songs and maybe 2 more later.

Hiring a dancer for your self is acceptable and a lot of people have done this before. The dancer can come to your place in a intimate setting and perform his private strip tease for you, for a length of time of your choosing. This can be a better idea than a big group because you get your moneys worth. He is completely focused on you, there are no distractions or that awkward friend and it is all about you. Do not hesitate to hire a male dancer for a one on one hot male strip show and it would be even better if you can get a reference on the male stripper before he arrives.

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