Different kinds of male dancers

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A little comedy and fun in the post but pretty much a whos who of personalites in dancing.

The skinny guy who you underestimate

If a guy is slender but dancing then there is a reason for it. Most of the time a feature is there that cannot be missed by the eye pun intended. These guys are light weight and usually more flexible as well so it is always a showcase. They know thy can’t rely on oversized muscle to get them through a show so they have lots of skill when performing for groups. Middle splits out of know where, back flips, and stuff you probably never seen will the thrown at you.

Mucsle Jock

The complete opposite of the last guy for sure. Big everywhere, a little slower in moves and less flashy. Since he is usually taller and lots of muscle no dancing is needed because of the size. These guys control the show by flexing and looking pretty. When they do flashy stuff its amazing but the crowd also clears the area lol. I have never seen to many big guys dance well, it is usually very stiff since they have a lot of dense body weight. The crowd will still love this guy either way because he has a big body that is in shape.

The Gift of Gab

The show is over did you see it? Made a new friend your going to hook up with later for sure. Nothing really has happened dance wise but man was it a great time. The only problem with a dancer like this is they are hard to work with if you pair with them on a show. You are trying to dance while he is trying to keep the room engaged with him. The gift of gab probably does way better working solo then in a group and is usually a looker as well. Otherwise all the talking would not be so stimulating for the audience.

Mr Magician

He is the guy with the dollar bill tricks where they dissappear somewhere but needs to be found or the master of props. They usually bring a suitcase of bells, whistles, whips cuffs and everything under the sun to showcase. It is interesting to me how this dancer giving directions and setting up his magic can eat up time in a show and still do well.

Circus entertainer

These shows are fun because the dancer has a background in being a performer. You can do handstands, flips, tricks and some of the most acrobatics moves you ever seen to keep it going. Not much of a talker but fun shows.

The Entertainer

Best dancer hands down because you plays to the crowd whil role playing. Sings with the music, hits moves on key, seduces the crowd instead of dancing for them and so on. The audience will not know where or why they are stripping as well by the time he finished. If in a male revue all the other dancers want to go before him.


Dances dance differently and you will get a different feel out of each kind of guy

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