Male Strippers come in different shapes

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It is important to know that all dancer bodies are not the same. There is really no such thing as the perfect physique and what is appealing for some will be unappealing for others. There are all types of physiques and in this article I will write a brief paragraph on 3 of them. Since people have different body proportions or bone structure there is never really a one all end all and we just do the best with what is given to us. Everybody may not like your look but there always will be some. Staying in a condition of good physical appearance is important to a dancer since he is taking clothing off for work.

Dad Bod – lots of bodyfat

This one is the most common of all and can be seen when you walk out of your place to go be human. It is a person who does not work out anymore and just skips that part of their daily routine. There is nothing wrong with it at all and not to be compared with overweight either. The signs would be lack of muscle tones so the they appear generally soft looking. There may or maynot be a big belly but there is potential if the diet is not well maintained. The legs or arms or areas of body where a lifter works out are not very dense and show no sign of muscle tone. A exaggerated example would be small arms, small lets and a big gut. Now lets dig a little deeper into the look and something that can trick you. Contrary to what I said above some dad bods are actually a person in great physical condition and cannot judge a persons level of strength or cardio by the physical appearance alone. So if we are judging a dad bod with all factors condisered a lack of muscle tone witha little belly would be the obvious. How one looks of course does not effect their ability to perform skills well again


The buff physique can be confused with the dad bod as well. In order to be buff a person needs to eat a lot of calories which causes them not to have visible abs or a big belly. The big but in this calculation is the noticable size and shape of arms legs back or chest. You can see the muslce tone, the person looks muscle thick or dense and have the appearance of a person who works out. This is the shape of a casual lifter who doesnt do cardio or doesnt really care to but lke the effects of the gym. Most of the time they carry extra weight so they are very strong persons to go along with those very big muscles they have. I have been buff and the only flaw sometimes is the lack of cardio but someone can also have great cardio with the physique if well trained of course. This is most men who workout with heavy objects on a regular basis and eat enough calories as well. You know buff when you see because even if they are fully dressed, the hulking physique cannot be hidden at all. Sometimes these folks have problem wearing clothes due to big muscles and normal measerments with clothing.


The ripped physique has many levels from my abs are showing to a striated beast who maybe starving for food at the same time. This is what we see on a magazine article after someone has spent a lot of time cutting from buff mode. This is the most appealing as well to on lookers in a mass opinion of what is very healthy but is it? The problem with ripped is you are undereating which leads to lack of performance on a general bases. Some people are naturally ripped with some work but on a large scale the physique is acheived at a calorie deificit. This look is hard to maintain long term due to the eating restriction and maybe seen as unhealthy as well. The benefits of looking good may not outweight the cost of lack of performance. Most dancers want to have this look but again, it is not really ideal due to how it is acheived. Also to one can be too lean which can lead to muscle loss or impairing your health as well. With all the downfalls the look is the most desired.


The best look when it comes to the male physique in my opinion is to have periods of being buff and happy eating while straddling being mr ripped as well. We do not want to get 5% bodyfat and super lean but those abs needs to be on auto cruise all the time. This needs to be acheived while keeping some density and muscle tone as well and eating enough to perform well for dancers.

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