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Bernie baker famous male stripper

Bernie Baker

The most famous male strippers can start with Bernie Barker. He is a real male stripper that started in his sixties, can you believe that. He holds the guinness world record for being the oldest known male stripper. He started of he left his career as a retired nuclear engineer. His goal was to use male stripper stripping as a way to stay in shape but decided to start doing contest as well and has won 42 of them so wow! Being a male stripper myself this is amazing to see. Male stripping actual is a great way to stay in shape if you are dancing for the full hour or so instead of talking to much. He was so dedicated to be a entertainer that he moved to the male stripper capitol Las Vegas so he could compete and dance. He is a inspriation for those who just love and attach themselves to a hobby.

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Reference: Wiki Ginuwine

The man who is responsible for the male stripper theme song is next Elgin Baylor Lumpkin – Ginuwine. He released a song back in 1996 called “pony” and the rest is history. The chart topping song became the male stripper anthem and he became a icon in music plus male entertainment. Without Genuwine those who came after him like Tatum would of had a harder time getting to popularity or even maybe Magic Mike would have never been made. The song will always be a hit to every dancer and is in my playlist for sure

Magic Mike movie cover

Channing Tatum

reference: Channing Tatum Wiki

Without a pause lets move on to Channing Tatum with the Magic Mike franchise. The famous male stripper spent a few months being a stripper while he was doing his modeling career when he as younger. He got his big break as a actor in the movie “Coach Carter” but well always be known as Mike for sure. It goes without saying we cannot think about male stripping without mentioning the name Tatum.

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Jamie Durie famous stripper

Jamie Durie

Reference: Jamie Durie Wiki

Up next on the list is Jamie Durie, famous male stripers, who is he you ask? He was a performer in the well known male revue Manpower now Thunder from Down Under. He was first recruited as a dancer for looks and being a athlete. He is known as one of the first founding members of the still going famed male stripper revue. From being a real and tru male stripper he moved on to a acting career, appeared on Dancing with the Stars and is a business man like owning a outdoor garden design franchise.

Tristan David Male Stripper

Tristan David

Reference: Tristan David current website

Another dancer who got their start creating their own way in male stripping is Tristan David. He went from starting a male strip show to being a bar owner to the entertainment industry. His dancing career was unique because he was also a acrobat so instead of the generic strip show, he created a Vegas Style lots of attention for him and he kept a little humor about what he was doing as well. His fame really came from working his way up to be a famous actor on the british sitcom “Eastenders” but he is still actively involved in the male stripping and runs a popular revue.

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  2. This is an awesome page. Male strippers are finally getting their due as the great entertainers and performers they are. It’s great to read their stories and how they moved to the place that they are now. Most have had a very interesting life.

    1. I wish you luck in getting a talented dancer for your party. So hard to be selective with all the stock photos and no reference to a real person.

  3. This page is fantastic. It’s now happening that male strippers are being recognized for the amazing dancers and entertainers they are. Reading about their journeys and how they arrived at their current locations is fascinating. The majority have had fascinating lives.

  4. Wow, Bernie Barker’s story is truly inspiring! It’s incredible to see someone pursue their passion and excel in a completely new field, especially at an age when many would consider slowing down.

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