Fun facts about male strippers

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Author: Michael

Michael at your place is a adult agency that does party celebration for girl weekend tribes on vacation or that night out. I also fancy blogging a bit and want to give you the best experience possible with some fun writing.

Here is a blog with a little humor, fun and things to know about male strippers by a male stripper. Not a all tell all or a reddit post about sexy stuff chasing those like, just some fun fact list about male dancers in general.

Here We Go!

  1. All male strippers do not dance full time.

    The smaller the city the less likely chance for this to happen so dont quit your day job.
  2. Most parties are done at rental homes.

    In the pace hotel rooms were the thing but now since rental homes are more accessible, it is the go to for traveling and locals. They usually get them through airbnb i would reckon
  3. Male Strip clubs do not exist in the US.

    From the big vegas shows in vegas to small town local shows sometimes adult agencies will use the words male strip club. It is a little like brain washing and once you see and hear it enough we all believe that bigfoot exist. Listen carefully aint no male strip clubs like these web sites advertise nationwide. Female strip clubs are very real and down the street. A male strip club is a male revue that is allowed to dance in a night club by the actual owner for a time period. After this time period regular club goers will enter the building. The word male strip club is used because search engines rank them better on male stripper keywords and a lot of the times the addresses will be faked.
  4. You dont have to ask a male stripper to touch.

    Gender rules are different and don’t really apply to men. If a guy is dancing and makes this a issue, he will not be a dancer for very long. It like trying to have it both ways, you want to touch the female customers with all the tricks and stunts but you do not want the reverse to happen.
  5. Male strippers are usually unmarried.

    Because a spouse would not put up with that, it is just the normal. If a male stripper tries to date, it will not be long before he or she is packing their bags.
  6. Only a small percentage of strippers are men.

    The actually number is unknown but probably less than 10% and the rest are female strippers. There is very low demand for male strippers and high saturation at times. There also are a lot of in shape men who moonlight as male dancers and try not to tell anyone. Some of them will only work in places they dont live to do so.
  7. Male strippers earn all their profits.

    Male strippers usually work for a entertaiment agency and a small few work in a revue. The money is split by half or more most of the time. Sometimes for male revues the dancers work just for the tips only
  8. Male strippers have sex all the time with clients.

    This exist because of certian men like to tell tall tales, fantasizing or more. Also there is a porn fetish called cfnm clothed females nude men that is dedicated to providing this role play fantasy. A stripper male can have sex with a client as a boy at a party can have sex with a girl. Male Strippers are not escorts or hired to be one. They later parts was agreed to while being hired as a dancer.
  9. Male Strippers have degrees and 9-5 jobs.

    As I said above, it is rare that this will be a full time job for anyone. If it is then they work in a very busy city and are dancing a good bit to pay all the bills. The low demand and lack of a permanant clubs means no full time work.
  10. Dancers have no morals.

    This one is more of the right hand hiding from the left hand. We do not live in a dictatorship so as long as the job is deemed legal then no moral compass applies. I can also say men who go to female strip clubs, stare or even look to hard, be to friendly and so on with a women have no moral compass. A marry man to friendly with any women has no moral compass. Some times in life the people setting the rules and upholding the morale do not obide by them but caste stones.

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  6. Thanks for sharing these fun facts. I did not know that male strip clubs do not exist and how Airbnb is more of the option for events.

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