Is there a history of male strippers?

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I have read a few articles on the history of male strippers and of a handful i found a a handful that look credible and the others were just well placed marketing pitches. The history of male strippers if no one really bothered to document the history of male strippers. Instead of going on about the history and romantanicizing something I truly understand either, I am going to report the important dates and thoughts documented by other.


Early undocumented history

This portion of my blog is more of a guess and I have found no solid leads yet but here we go. Going back 300 year ago there have been writing of men stripping for men and females for pleasure. Most of the writing came from Roman times but I am sure it was happening other places as well. It was the elite being entertain by young men for the most part, which still happens today. I would assume as long as women have liked men that there has been opportunity in private for this sort of thing to happen.

In the 1800s there have been various theater performances where men strip naked, none of them I can tell you the name. This is the first known case where men stripped for show and it was theater burlesque which still happens in current times. The theater during this time would have been the only acceptable place for this to happen during this time period.

More Recent times

In the 1970s male strippers really became more main stream with push back of course. There were men arrested for being male strippers back then but females were allowed without concern. Also in the 1980s men were reported arrested for being strippers in bars and clubs as well. The first recorded male strip shows in time square area as well so we have our first documented start. The first two documented male revues which still exist to this date are Chippendales of Los Angelos, formed in 1979 and La Bare in Dallas, formed in 1978. Both male revues are still going on to this date which is amazing to me. These two maybe the longest running male revues that still exist. I am not going to dig deep into this but Chippendales has a lightened past of mistrust and crime which can be a blog by itself.

In the 1980s a club popped up in Montreal Canada call Club Le 281 which featured male strippers, the first one in the country. Later the United Kingdom gots its first male reuve as well Dreamboys which is still a big show to this date. Dreamboys is another revue that has stood the test of time. Australia followed suit in 1991 with Thunder from Down Under and Man Power as well in 1991. Another honorable mention is Florida Thunder in Tampa Florida, after some checking I learned this is another reuve that has stood the test of time.

This is not part of the history but I am going to add two television appearances by male stripper actors that are well known for fun. The first one is Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley in a Saturday Night Live skit audtioning to be a male stripper which was funny during that time period and the well known movie of Magic Mike featuring many well known actors in a traveling male stripper troupe. While the history of male strippers is not well documented, there are some timelines to follow in the when and where things were happening Nationwide.

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