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Male Stripper last minute idea in Charleston

Don’t hesitate to contact Michael at your place at the last for your idea to hire a male dancer. Whether the reason is a little humor, surprise or sexy time it does not really matter. I am happy to fill in the gap as your male dancer in 2024 for when you are looking. Last minute phone calls also happen because the agency you initally hired did not come thru so go with a dancer who will.

Last Minute Male Stripper 2024

When you order a male exotic dancer at the last minute a bit of time still needs to be given between the time you call, the dancer getting ready, travel and prep time. How long is this, I would give the dancer at least 90 min five or take from the time you called until the time he arrives at your front door. Last minute still takes a little time since we are all human beings. How it works is you ring or DM the me and get me those details that are important like address, show request and questions. No need to get trapped in a down pay, I collect on arrival in case anything goes wrong. After this you just need to wait for me to arrive at your front door.

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What happens at your last minute order, well you get the sexiest and hottest show possible for $200 that is not rushed, being a dancer is not a chore and each party is taken and done like that best ever. You been looking long and hard for a guy or going through number after number with no luck finding a available man, that will not happen here. Worse case scenario if your party group is not crunched for time we can just schedule the party later that night if it cant be done right away or even tommorrow if the gang is still willing to get back together.

Late ideas are still good ideas and there is no need to let the night completely go to waste. You can still see a naked man before the night is over go ahead and pick up the phone to book now. If the calls happens to be missed, you will be called back as soon as the miss call is seen by me.

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