Male exotic dancer salary

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Male Stripper Salary

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There are not factual recordings of how much male dancers make and what you see on the internet is a LIE. What a worker will tell you is a lie as well, there is a top 1% that make well and all other dancers fall into another cateogory. Another note is the best place to be a stripper male is a tri county area surrounded by a few major cities.

Why did I open up the article like this? Here is why

  1. Lack of work, dancers are NOT working every weekend or everyday
  2. There are non dedicated building for male strippers to work
  3. Shows are very seasonal
  4. Too many dancers in every town and not enough work
  5. Dancers lie a lot to impress others in a sexy way
  6. The economy dictate how much work a dancer will get
  7. Male dancers and female dancer pay can never be compared

Male Stripper economy


Says the average salary is 21k to 79k. Such a wide swing here. I wonder where are they getting these numbers

Reference Glassdoor:,13.htm

Says the average is 34k to 56k

Both articles fail to source the information properly and more of a guess. I can tell your the top 1% gets a full time salary and all else need to keep there day job

Educational References,type%20of%20work%20they%20do.

Independent Contractors

All dancers all contractors no matter who they work for. A independent contractor is a person who takes jobs from others but the person who is paying them will not claim them for tax reasons. Agencies act like they employ the male stripper and treat them like employee at time but actually they are contracting them to do some of the work. They got the show and dancer is contracted to do the show. The agency offers no benefits a employed person can get and they can stop using the dancer whenever they please to.


I listed some references above, this is on the job. The best training for being a male stripper will always be on the job training. A new dancer will be put on stage in a male revue or a private party with a more experience dancer. This helps the new guy with being nervous, freezing up and being able to be more successful over time. He is not just being trained how to dancer but how to enter the room, talk to the clients and leave the room professionally A great place to get training as well for being a male stripper is online. Several seasoned male strippers have made training videos on how to dance, so there is a online school per say like Male Stripper Academy.

Places employed

Bars, entertainment agencies, and independent contractors self employed. Hypothetically all dancers are independent contractors for hire. I have never seen or met a dancer that was full time employed with health insurance.

Type of Jobs

Male Stripper, art model, butler, bartender, drag artist, stripograms, eye candy, servers and more

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