Male Exotic Dancers Mansplained

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In this post I will break down the core apsects of what a male exotic dancer is and I can do it because I am a exotic dancer myself who has experience dancing for audiences

Slang terms

A exotic dancer is often referred to as a male exotic dancer, strip teaser, hunk, gogo-dancer, magic mike, gigolo, lap dancer and artist. Sometimes they are called male escorts even though they do not outright have sex for money.

What is a male exotic dancer?

The do sexy dances for female or male crowds mainly floor routines. They either work in a male revue or at house parties and are mostly considered independent contractors. They perform dances routines, stunts and various moves during the show. These guys come in all shapes and sizes but usually have a flat stomach and muscle.

How are they hired?

A exotic dancer is hired through contacting a adult entertainment agency for the most part but there are other avenues to hire. A potential dancer may know someone else is dancing and is given chance, they may audition for a male revue or may start independent and work for themselves. All of these are avenues for a exotic dancer to get work. The age range for exotic dancer can range from 18 to 55 normally per the look and shape of the dancer. Upon hiring it is important that he has transportation and get his own costume as soon as possible

Where do they work?

A exotic dancer usually works in private parties like rental homes, hotels, private establishments or have a regular spot ina local male revue.

Who do male exotic dancer dance for?

exotic dancers have no limits who they dance for but they should be comfortable. Even if the dancer is straight, he should be able to dance for male clients. Usually they dance for groups of females. Men who specifically dance for men only are called gogo dancers.

How are exotic dancer hired by clients?

exotic dancer are hired usually by the customer buying tickets to their male revue for a future date or they will call a entertainment agency which has independent dancer contractors on hand. Customers usually perform basics google searches first to find a website. The search is done by using words like “book a male stripper” . The first couple websites get all the business most of the time. They skim the websites and once they fee comfortable with site, photos and price a call is made. Once the client calls and request what they like, the agency sends the strippers

Note: Most exotic dancer agencies will use fake stock photos that can be purchased off of adobe. The men in the photos are hired models and not the guy who shows up for the show. There are some agencies who use real photos.

That is the average rate to hire exotic dancer?

The price varies for agencies and show revues. A typical ticket for a male revue and run you $20 to $100 per the show and the VIP seating. The price will be increased of you get any addons with the venue. A agency exotic dancer cost as low as $100 if a independent dancer to $400 for a agency dancer. I am a exotic dancer myself and charge $200 a show. A popular or well known dancer may try to charge more money due to there popularity.

What happens in the exotic dancer show?

This answer has numerous answers but to make it simple, a man comes to the private party or performs in a male revue for the length of his routine or time period to be there and leaves. During that time period it is his goal to make sure the crowd is fully engaged and having fun. His actions and ability to finesse the crowd is the most important part of the show.

Thoughts from a actual exotic dancer?

As a exotic dancer I see myself as a performance artist. My job is first to get hired by working for someone else or doing enough marketing to be seen on google and second provide the client with the most thrilling show they ever scene for the time period. I want to charm the bride, birthday girl or special person while keeping everyone in attendance on their toes as well.

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