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Last Updated on: 2nd February 2024, 06:14 pm

There is a male stripper near you if you live in the North Area. Since there are no male strip clubs in a location near you, have a male strippers come to your location for the party. Here are the down and dirty details, no deposits, cash on arrival, no faked photos and the party is a your place. Get a bare show for your best friend or yourself or a laid back show in briefs if you prefer. The North Area is a great place to host your party whether at home, apartment or a hotel room as well. Remember that hotel rooms have a noise factor so the party needs to be a quieter thought excitment is happening.

North area local male exotic dancer

How to Book a stripper

Booking a male exotic dancer is simple here. Call me on the phone or text and tell me the date and time of the party. After that we will chat a bit and exchange details about your party. There is no deposit or downpayment for locking in a party. Thats it, I told you the process was very easy to do. If you would like to see photos of the dancer then click on the photo button above. Tipping is very encouraged during the party when it happens for you. The North area is well within the travel range of me and one of my favorite places to do parties.

Price $200.00 – Time 90 minutes – 8433609438

How it work when the party begins

This part is more left up to your imagination than anything but I can say you and your party guest should get ready for all the action you want. Parties are never set in stone and each group has different taste so you will get the bachparty or surprise that suits you and your guess. I do ask that enough space is given so there is room to dance and the guest have a few dollars on them for tipping. Tipping if anything keeps the guest engages in what is going on instead of feeling seperated from the event. You may be flipped on or just danced to while I make my rounds to every willing party goer in the room. Some times we have friends or associates who a male stripper is too much for, this can be for lots of reasons and maybe it is best for them to arrive after the party has finished. Remember that seeing a entertainer in not for everyone to see in person. You can book a party at 8433609438 by ringing me or DMs.

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