Best male stripper movies and documentaries

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We are know about that one movie which is on the list as well but lets take some time to learn about some other popular male stripper films that were made as well. I am not picking a exact amount because they are quite a few and I may add more to this list as time goes on.

Magic Mike – 2012

This movie is what gave the side gig so much attention. I am actually going to give this one a shorter review becasue we all or almost all have seen the film. The main character at this point was retired but went back to male stripping. A boy is working a construction job and having a hard time until he meets a coworker. At first the two are just associates and the experienced worker is helping the boy out but later on the boy learns his new friend is a dancer. As time goes on the boy becomes a male stripper as well and embarks on a crazy fun journey of dancing, lust, drugs and more. It is a tale of you can show someone the ropes but you cant show them the way. I enjoyed the movie and it is more than half of a truth of what a male stripper is but there was some fantasy.

This One’s For the Ladies – 2018

Probably one of the most realistic portrayals of what a black male stripper is in out society. Everyone has a different journey with the profession an this is theres. We get a detailed explanation of this world. The movie takes place in New Jersey and shows how it acutally is for dancer in that area, how they organize and make their way through there male stripping journey. Black male strippers displayed in a realistic positive light without the power that be being able to control the narrative.

I’m a Stripper – 2013

This one is not a movie but a documentary of different men and their journey as a male stripper. The dancers talk about income , what they like, competition on stage, creativity, differences between male and female crowd members, personalites of dancers, a day at work at the club and having to deal with families and friends. There are 5 episodes dedicated to this season of episodes. It just cements that stripping is general not the problem and having to deal with society is

A night in heaven – 1983

This is the basic move about the popular handsome guy who is a student and jock, the story line takes him. His professor fails him for being a clown in the class and later goes to a male strip club to see if performing there and the story line begins. The movie takes the ups and downs and any 1980s movie would but there characters through from the drama of work, to kidnappings and more in this film. It was a good watch during that time frame.

The Full Monty – 1997

This one is more comedy and less sexy but needed to be on the list. We cant be serious all the time in our movie watching you know. The classic movie that is more burlesque than strip, which was brought from a Broadway musical show. We follows 6 unemployed UK steel workers on their journey. After they saw a troupe of male strippers, they decide to put on a show like monkey see monkey do. They do this to make some extra cash like any unemplyed man would.

All Male, All Nude Johnsons – 2019

This one is a documentary movie of male strippers. It explores the world of male dancing at a gay strip club located in America. All Male, All Nude. Johnsons is set in a Florida’s gay strip club, Johnsons. The film takes place in Wilton Manors, Florida. Matt Colunga, a body builder, experienced male stripper is part of the film and also Alexander a young male in college. From a father to a kid on college we see a documentary of the life of a male entertainer in gay strip clubs. The different backgrounds make the film come to light and better because it brings that real aspect of real people doing the job.

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