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Author: Michael – Michael at your place – Male Strippers

About 2 years ago I was sitting at home watching Rick and Morty when all of a sudden I got a last minute call to head out of the beach. Last minute calls is what I do best so the makings of a interesting night has begun. I took my time shaved and did the proper hygiene things a dancer needs to do prior to a gig. It was a 30 minute drive from my location to where the party was. I did not have much details on the party since it was last minute and I was rushing to get there.

I arrived at the party and see a house full of cars lined down the street. It is the beach so no big deal right, people usually park like this during the busy season anyway. When walking up to the front door I see people in the backyard, on the balcony and inside but did not account for anything yet. I knock on the door and greeted by someone with a bit of a slurred voice,and I was like okay here we go. The entire room is packed and there is standing space for many of the guest. My first thoughts were holy S$#$ this place is packed. Without making eye contact with the party goers but with the event planner I was walked to my changing space. From the outside of the room i hear craziness, the random person walked in the room while changing mulitple times and got the are you ready yet after being there 2 minutes lol. I got ready in about 15 minutes so here we go!!!

When I came out to dance there was the B-day girl in the center and about 50 or more females crammed into a tiny room. I got the first song to dance for the crowd and they were pretty calm in the beginnings. As I go through my routine I through the works at them for the first 3 songs and pandemonium breaks loose, I got mobbed by about 20 people or more in the most aggressive way you can imagine. The show most go on and it is nothing that has happened before so when I am abloe to move again, I go back to the bday girl because she is the most important person in the room for sure. I felt my string get yanked off a few times and i had to find it again by knees. As the show went on the crowd got wilder and wilder but it is hard for a room full of people to get to 1 guy so it was more like th mob a man look if I was seeing myself in the third person. Even while dancing with special girl of the party, hands from above, hands from below and hands reaching around from unseen places. This is not my typical show, not the normal for sure it can be compared to being drunk while sober but so much choas going on that it is a blur.

The wildest or maybe not so crazy for some is I remebering lying on the floor to do a bit floor dancing and before I knew it, mounted, side mounted, butt on my face and I can’t get up. I forgot to remind myself lying down in a not crowded room is fine but if it is full of people, bad idea. Keeping this post PG-R I eventually got back up and had to find my string again. Though there was so much randomness going on I did my part serving as a body for the guest, making the bday girl happy and dancing the whole time without a pause. When the party was over and I was naked in the back room getting dressed 2 members of then audience enter the room and here we go again. The event planner saw what happened and chased them off after a couple minutes.

Why was this a male strip story and was it the craziest. This was a story because who walks into a room that many people, just so many to perform to all a little tipsy and rough. It is not the craziest one, I would never tell that one. I have ready many stories of male dancers talking about their shows and being a dancer it is hard to seperate reality from stories but you do walk into wild situations out of your control and you need to find a little control.

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