Male Stripper perspective – what do women want in shows

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Author: Micheal – Michael at your place

What do women want from a Male Strippers?

Here we look at a very subjective question answered by myself. My experience being a male dancer is with talking to many clients of every race and age, dancing in male revues and private parties and talking to clients after the show. I am not the go to expert on this Q&A but a male stripper stripping in the industry with a first hand account

The Expectation Prior

Prior to the show beginning the conversation is with the event planner and the booking agent. In my case I am the booking agent and the dancer so I hear both. Girls expect to get the model photo they saw, when I went solo I was aware of this and made sure to show them me. I can easily create a flashy profile of jacked up pretty men who are not me and just show up saying oh we could not get the guy you picked but for longevity and other reasons I choose not to. First impression are real and hard to get over, that being said after I get the booking process let us talk about the whow itself. I see that audiences are nervous, expect me to be aggressive or try to mount them from the start at times, unless they got a good reference about me. As the show progress and the audience gets turned on maybe the nervousness cease and becomes more of should I tell him… nah its ok. Some girs expect you to dance like other man they have scene or a story they heard as well. I think in the beginning and the commitment is made first impressions matter but women are figuing itn out.

The Actual Show

During the show the expectations alway increase. Now we have reached a state where we are getting comfortable, supply and demand phase is undergo so I am asked, told and expected to do things in show. Most of them are doable and within my reach but still I am surprised that I am being asked from time to time. I think like a female stripper, a male stripper is expected to be a master of foreplay, the strip tease and they want the dancer to fulfill any thoughts they have. This means of they were thinking or wanting the dancer to dance with this girl, pick her up or do this thing then females have a expectation you will do it by end of the show. On the opposite side the expectation can be to stay away from me which is very obvious and respected as well. My only gripe is friends force the dancer on other friends when they say No.

What happens after the show

Now lets move on to the most interest part of the ordeal, the last song and after the show. The expectation on the last songs is alwasy three times more than the first. They know that you are leaving and if the show is going well, they will want more songs or the crazy stuff for the last dance. I think it is expected that you want something you like to go on a bit longer. Moving on to after the show, I think some of the audience expects you to ask them out, or try to hook up and etc. Maybe a new dancer will attempt this but after a while you just dont. This means though the expectation in the first place was a successful show. Sometimes you get groped a little or followed to the bathroom but there is never really a issue. The expectation for sex at the end is a there in a small number of shows but its the same for females strippers but way higher.

All in all my take on female expectation of the show evolves from being nervous to thinking this is a joke, to I am or am not enjoying this entertainer to what will happen next now. Aside from the peanut gallery with no experience, the female expectation is ever changing by who the hire and how he does in the show.

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