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Let start off with where to work

  1. The agency are all the websites you see on google searches and google maps. Just call the number and asked, it is just that simple. Each one will have a process to get you started. No experience is needed, they may have a spot and be patient. Working for a agency who you will never actually see in person, you are judged off your last show. If there are no complaints, they call you for more basically. The only downfall is favortism and dancers fighting to get work plus splitting the pay. The agency supplies you with the work which is hard to get. A night club revue is pretty much agency with different policies per the owner.
  2. Working for yourself. You bascially need to be the dancer, marketer, phone taker and deal with all the extra junk that comes with it. This is not cut out for everyone due the the hustle of being seen by customers. What does that mean? Other dancers and agencies want you to come away so they can book so there is a constant grind of marketing with doing well in your shows. Being a great dancer is not enough but doing both well can be rewarding.

Getting Fit

Getting fit is part of being a male stripper, you need to have a flat stomach but abs are better. Just having alones alone is enough for most men to be a entertainer, as I mentioned in other blogs that physiques are different but first looks mean alot. I ripped you want to be is up to you but just make sure those abs are flat and can be seen a bit. Dont get caught up with comparison of other male dancers or what you think looks good, because you probably look better than you think you do. Of course you need to be able to perform the routine for the length of the show without getting injured or tired. A nice routine would revolved around cardio and weight loss plus muscle buidling on top. The reason women hire a male stripper is to see a very fit man who turns the on take off his clothes so you really need to invest in looking the part from them.


Your emotional state will carry you a long way when it comes to doing parties. Remember that those girls choose you to do their party and not the other way around. Do not let the fact that your a stripper and the usually roles are reverse dull your role to do your job. You are suppose to be friendly and sexy at the same time while maintaining boundaries if needed. A great personality can take a male stripper a longer way other than having the great looks to do the job.


Training seems tough but after day one is then you are pretty much good to go. It is a matter of experience which comes with time in.

  1. Workout, you need to have a flat stomach to do this
  2. Practice a routine
  3. Learn stunts and tricks
  4. Use the last experience to build off the routine
  5. Watch video to learn
  6. Try to partner up with other dances to shadow them
  7. That is basically it


Sad but happy to say it is actual that simple or not. Be in the right place at the right time or market your self to be a male dancer. Be in shape enough to be wanted with a good routine and you are all set. There are a lot of smaller details doing it your self from websites to digital marketing but you will know a lot in the end.

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