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How to make a cheap costume for male strippers


Creating a male stripper costume is easy or hard depending or your taste for your or more so your creativity. Lets start with amazon that is the best but more expensive to a seamstess option. You can see a numerous amount of sellers with all types of generic costumes to suit your fancy. Fireman outfits, cop costumes, pharoah, stripper and lots of other options to boot. I can go on lets see, doctor, lawyer, super heroe and more but they look more like haloween then male strippers. The outfits are usually not well fitted so they lack the sexy appeal unless they come in spandex but you lost the appeal of real. Be carfeul though because lots of less sexy options here that can cause your first appearance to look tacky. The price can range from 15 bucks to 150 bucks per the seller but they for sure are a quick fix to make or get your first outfit as a dancer.


Etsy is another expensive option when it comes to a male stripper costume. The designs are a bit more sexy and adult then on amazon because they are home made or adult companies frequent etsy more than amazon but the fit may not be perfect. The price can range from 50 bucks to 500 bucks on etsy per the seller. The costumes here will be way more revealing and R-rated vs anything you can get on amazon. There are no lack of sellers either and each one has a assortment of gear for male strippers to use. Some of these costumes can be fully see thru like a outfit I saw made up of nothing but chains or leather. Though there are tons of costumes on etsy the right fit will take some time for sure.


This is a option and probably a expensive one as well for sure. The biggest problem is finding a seamstress to make you a outfit in the first place because some of them may be uncomfortable working with a dancer or not be able to make such a flashy outfit. You will have to go back several times to be fitted first and refitted while the costume maker is doing the design of your choosing. I have gotten some of my best outfits from a seamstress or more so flashiest which i stray away from anymore. There was a time when all dancers wore very flash costumes instead of the generic outfits. I cannot quote the price but be sure it will not be cheap so I would guess the prices cost more than 150 dollars including the material needed that can be pricey.


The home made costume is the cheapest and easiest to gather but does it look good? I have seen guys in a regular pair jeans, open vest and cowboy bandana and that worked well for them. Seeing that my idea of what is a good costume has really changed for sure. You can be as creativity as you want with the uniform and the idea is limitless like a cop costume of your own creation or fireman outfit piece together from hand me downs and sexy wear you made. I would get a second opinion on a home made costume from someone who would be honest because this one is hard to pull off. Your best option is to get a design in your head and acquire all the pieces and add ons like badges. After that put it together at your own pace and maybe even do a little light sewing to get what you want out of the material.

Making your own male stripper costume is in the eye of the beholder for sure and it can definitely be done if you are creative enough and put the effort into it. Buying a costume is a great choice but keep the receipt in case you have to take it back. Costumes are a must for a male strippers entrance and playing the part for sure. Without a good one, your performance will have to make up for it and will take a hit in the beginnning of the routine.

Coolest costume I ever seen

The coolest costume I ever scene was pretty much a modern day super heroe costume with a cowboy hat. The dancer whole costume including the cowboy hat was made by a seamstress. Some type of crocodile leather or silk was the fabric of choice which covered the hat. A vest and arm bands of the same color and cloth was next with a long tight pants, boots on top of pants to the knee caps with tassles sewed on each side for decorations. What made the whole thing stick out even more was the cape. The jacket cape went down to the floor and it made the outfit stick out for sure. I have seen close but none better anywhere. The costume was worn in a hole in the wall male revue.

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