Male Strippers vs Female Strippers 2024

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Let me start off this blog by asking one question, When is the last time you seen a ONLY male strip club? I am not sure if any of them still exist, if so they can be counted on one or two hands. I did a google search today and could not find a dedicated male strip club so there you go. You only find a male stripper agency masquerading as a male strip club but it is more of a 2 hour male revue and the bar leases the building. Not do a quick google search for female stripper and you need hundreds of hands to count them all. I don’t think we can even compare a male to a female stripper, females on a majority bases have the upper hand for sure. Not only tis but male strippers compete with drag queens, butlers, burleseque, pole dancing and lots of other acts the chase after bachelorettes. Female strippers get the regular bar goers and have regulars that chase after them.

Male Strip club – Male Strippers

Male strippers are saturated for the most part because there is lot of them and very low demand. The guys lucky enough to be part of a male revue in a popular city get most of the work and the only ones coming close to calling it a full time job. Also a traveling troupe of male strippers can be considered for full time work since they constantly have lots of shows lined up for them but there is no club. Let me repeat this, There Are No Male Strip Clubs that are dedicated just to that. Females just do frequent these places in every city like men do and their brains work a bit different when it comes to these things. Most male strippers lack being sexy because they are men and it cant be helped. The sterotype of all male strippers being gay is false, plenty of them are straight but leave customers guessing for feminant routines by men. Male strippers may have egos of the male spectrum so it takes away for them dancing around in tiny thongs as well. Some may say male strippers are a little cheesy or corny. The average women will tell you they think of male strippers as being a joke and cheesy.

Female Strippers – Female Strip Clubs

I have not been to one for a while but they are open and in high numbers. Every major and minor city wity a decent population has a female strip club present for sure. There is also high demand for females and these places to exist like drinking holes and bars. Female strippers are very sexy , even to other females and have the features to be sexy. Even the regular clothing we wear on a daily basis are designed to have females play the role of being the sexy one in society. Also since the are girls, they can touch men at will while dancing and it is very wanted and desired by the male clients. They probably have dreams of being touched by female stripper and fantasies about this when they go to the strip club. I remember going to the club and seeing a long line of married men in business suits throwing large bills at the dancers which always stuck in my mind. On any Friday or Saturday night a female strip club is packed to capacity and on the weekdays they are open and have clients.

Wage Difference

The wage difference between men and female pales in comparison. Let us start by women have way more opportunity to work on a full time bases during the busy season and the slow season. A male dancer on his best night can net maybe a thousand bucks doing multiple parties like 3-5 of them in a row that are all tipping well. A female dancer on one good night at a strip club can net over $2000 or more from a single night. I have read that a female dancer make $7000 in one night before (reference) which maybe true but either way, they make way more money than a man ever would. Male patreons are more willing to spend money on a female dancer than the opposite. The differences are unmatched in genders between pay and this is one profession where females dominate there male counterparts to the extreme.

Touchy Feely

Men cant really touch but it is a staple of their acts. Some male dancers are loss without lifting, carrying or grinding. If they could not do that, after song one the show would be done because he would be clueless on what to do. Men have to tread lightly though touching, they just cant do it at will because of societal norms On the other hand girls can dance solo on the floor, on a pole, with a chair and especially on their male clients without a issue. Men want to be touched and cared for by the female stripper so they have that amazing story to tell to their friends. Can men touch yes but it is how you do it. Can females touch? Yes at will for the most part as it is in public.

Chisled physiques vs Smooth and Sleek

Not saying a female dancer cant be ripped but they have female features still that make them look sexy. when they wear underwear it looks like it fits them and the personalities are strong and cunning but female. Most male dancers suffer from egos or digging to deep into their fetishes while performing. The bodys are big, burly, strong and tough looking in a thong. It would not be so bad if we could drop the ego, then the male dancer stands a better chance of looking sexy for sure.

Its Easy For a Female To Be Sexy

Females if they are not even trying are just sexy, when they are angry they still look kind of sexy. Especially if the person is a stranger who is half or fully nude to go with it. Society is laid out for females to be sexy all of their lives if they want to be and the television backs it up. If you watch enough television and social media you will be a believer that females are sexy. It is the opposite for men and it goes without explaining. We have been conditioned to feel this way about eht female figure so it is natural for them. While females embody sexy and female strippers perform the sexy dance, men are cheesy and perceived that way. Can a male seduce a women, for sure but are all male strippers doing that? No, so this is why they are seen as silly at times. I met a dancer at one point who like to like girls toes so this is also why, stuff like this. Being a male stripper I am ok that females are the kings of stripping and dont thing about it, doing me.

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