My first performance as a dancer

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The first gig I ever did as a dancer was heart racing and at the same time nerve racking for sure. It was my friends show who was a stripper and I came along with him firemans costume in hand. The big yellow hat, half open vest, suspenders, oversize pants and whole get up on my attire as we knocked on the door. The outfit was his except for the underwear I had on that day. Since then I have chosen to wear costumes that are more hand made versus the generic outfits. Duffle bag in hand as well we entered the room role playing into the big reveal and the show promptly begins. My friend wore the cop outfit if you were interested to know. He is the only dancer I seen enter a party smoking cigarettes, not so bathed, and drunk but the girls seem to like him.

Since this was my first party i ever did I was moving pretty stiff I reckon but being ripped and young was enough to make the crowd very happy to see me. My goal was to show my friend that I could help him do these gigs so I could maybe be a regular with him. His routine of course was well seasoned and he knew how to work and talk to the crowd. The advantage of being a dancer who does there own work is have your have to learn how to communicate with clients. I watched him do his act then move turn was up next.

The hiring was for a office party of about 15 drunk happy ladies that night. There was going to be 25 guest in attendance but the actual number is always way less. Of course the first gig goes by as fast as it started and you barely remember that it even happened in the first place. I was nervous for sure but my mentor was and he had tons of experience. He always wore sunglasses to avoid eye contact, after a few more years he eventually stop doing that.

Here is how it went. After we get there the party begun right out of the door like something you would see in a movie. After he did his performace it was my turn to go on stage and like any newbie I rushed through everything in the first 2 minutes. I like to dance to a lot of faster songs back then which kind of helped because I could just move fast the whole time i guess but it was not move best stage act, I know for sure. Most of the songs with Luke and the fast songs that were recent hits in the night club during that time frame. Basically when you run out of things to do but at athletic person, you find yourself jumping all over the place and lifting up everyone in the crowd no mattter the size. There was not much creativity or foreplay back then just fast and swift movements that were flashy. Prior to the show I watched a bunch of videso of dancers on youtube so whatever I could envision them doing I used it during the show, they knew I was new guy though.

Based on the crowd cheering and having a great time it all worked out. Here are some things I learned and always learning as a dancer. You are not the first choice and everyone in the crowd does not want your attention. This is a tough thing to deal with for a new person because you think you did something wrong. Man do you rush through everything as a new dancer as well, they always do the same thing over and over again due to not taking their time. Making eye contact is tough thing to do and awkward, a mix of both really but it is a thing that is needed to be done. I think insecurites arise when there is a room full of male dancers because comparisons and jealousy for attention is a basic human problem. The crowd tells you how the show will go but a new dancer cannot read this so it leads to lots of forced situations. Experience matters for quality for sure. Like the old saying says ” Everything should flow like water” meaning to just dance and let the party unfold naturally.

Since doing my first gig or anyone really, you get better or sometimes worse in some occasions. Going into a random place you dont know and removing your clothes for a cheering crowd is not a normal thing to do. For me the first gig was tough but it had to be done as part of the journey. Everyone will remember the nerve racking first gig they ever did.

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