Private Party in a airbnb or hotel room

Last Updated on: 2nd February 2024, 06:18 pm

The best place to throw your house parties while on travel whil always be with or private rental and here is why. The biggest think is privacy and the ability to much almost as much noise as you want and lastly space to house many guest at once. Everyone pitching in to just get one big room or house will always be the better choice. Simple details like as well like being able to cook your own breakfast or dinner. This also no elevators, front doors, long lines and you can probably find the perfect location where you want to be. Male dancer perspective on where to stay for a much better stay.

Here are a list of Airbnb Perks

  • Can be cheaper than a hotel
  • Much more space and freedom to operate
  • Location is key
  • Better Experience with homely feel
  • Privacy again

Why is this am I blogging this

One of the biggest issues with entertaining is space and man can hotel rooms be cramp little spaces to deal with. So Bachelorettes in Charleston when you book that trip, be sure your privaty party is at a house. With the proper amount of space the experience for whatever your doing will be 100 times better. For dance purpose everyone can sit in one big circle or on the couches and enjoy what is going on. All the entertainer needs to do is get around to everyone which is much easily done in a house. Room service is always called on loud guest so whatever you are doing will be cut short unless you get lucky and the place is empty which is less likely to happen. Quiet events are less fun so noise is a factor for sure. It is much easier to enter a house vs hotel, parking is better and the whole situation goes way more smoothly for anyone helping you at your location.

What else makes for a smooth private party

Without spending to much money decorations can set the theme of whatever you or planning to do for sure. Lots of tips… just kidding maybe plan out some side dishes for before and after the shindig so everything goes as plan. Since your expecting some entertainment maybe set up the space so there is a stage and one chair for that special person the party is for. Dont forget whatever beverage you need to make the time your about to have way more interesting. I have seen some rooms so decorated that I did not want to leave after enterting though the clean up must have been tought. Strobe lights hitting from ceiling to walls in all sorts of colors, banners hanging down with all kind of art work on them and enough glitter on the floor to fill up a few vacuums.


Your time with a dancer and bachelorette trip in general will be much better at a airbnb. Everything I mention about how great a house is, the opposite for a stuffy hotel room so if one is available, choose that. See you in town.

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