Summer Promotion – Michael at your place

Last Updated on: 28th February 2024, 11:54 am

Michael at your place Summer promo

June July, August Promo Tips Only!

Male Stripper right at your home or place of stay for No Booking Fee. That is right the $200 fee is waived during this time periods so you just have to worry about bringing tip for the dancer. Tipping is mandatory during the promo but you were going to anyway right. The hottest special and most affordable deal for parties looking for male entertainment for there guest. The length of the party is the same and so is the performance you get, nothing will be held back because of any deals you get. Summer is party time for most of us because there is no school and everyone has more free time to do what they want minus dealing with the hot summers in ChuckTown.

The 3 busiest months for bachelorttes and travelors to the area is June July and August. This package is happening during that time period so take advantage of the dancer and what he is offering to you during this period. You have nothing to lose except for time during this period of the sales deal. Save the extra cash for dinner, lunch or more shopping while your strolling down King or Market Street. Sales pitches will be strong during this time period to hinder the booking but remember you still get the same great quality show for a price that is not jacked up and a lot of effort, sweat and twerking will go into making sure the party is one to remember for ages.

Summer Male Stripper Special

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Price: 0
Time Period: June, July, August
Party Length: 90min
Area: Chuck Town

Note: Tips are expected during this promotion but tipping a stripper is normal so we are right on the same page. Dont let the cheap male stripper price let you think your getting a lesser show, I will give you the same excellent party as if you were paying the normal rate during this timeframe. This is the party packages of packages, you will not find a better deal than this during the time period.

Summer Body Heat Party Package

Buy a dancer this summer for your beach house or rental property right by the water, since that rental is so much save a little on the dancer you hire with this male stripper summer promo. The promo is possible because you pay the dancer instead of the agency otherwise the offer would not be possbile for sure. What is better than a naked man for free almost at your place, just make sure you make it rain for your dancer when he is twerking for you.

The summer is the time of the year when early mornings can be hot and muggy so book a show for lunch or after brunch, pre dinner or after or that last minute thought at 1am in the morning. The male revue experience without the tickets, uber and more, just enjoy the summer special and have the male exotic dancer to you. As long as you are in the travel range the special will still stand.

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