The difference in male strippers/butlers/drag shows/etc.

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This article is to highlight the difference of male strippers and these other entertainers who seek the attention of bachelorette parties when it comes to booking show for groups of women looking for entertainment. There maybe more but these are the most popular adult entertainment services.

I have defined what a male stripper is here: male-exotic-dancers/ – a sort description would be a male taking their clothing off in a sexy manner for ladies or males. Not met us move on the the others.

Drag Shows

The most popular is Drag show which I will start with. I have been to two of them myself and the shows are very entertaining. A drag show is a male who dresses as a over the top female that wears costume and make up. He performs a strip tease like routine with comedy and other entertainment qualities. Interacting with the audience is also a must for drag show performers. A little controversy is with drag shows lately because it is kind of a strip show that operated in a public space. A well know drag queen would be RuPaul who was a performer and there is a popular RuPaul traveling show. A lot of bachelorettes also attend these parties and hire them as their entertainer. They may be more or just a popular as hiring male strippers in this day and time.

Male Butlers and Bartenders

Male butler have always been around since I been dancing it was not a trend and now it is again. These butlers or bartenders are paid to stand around in underwear or naked apron and mingle. Your just eye candy for the most part. They are usually men with bodybuilder type bodies or the frat boy look of a young handsome man. They compete with male strippers and similar type businesses for work. They are advertised as naked but even if no briefs, they have on a apron to cover their front parts. It is not something I really fancy since I am a stripper, but some guys enjoy doing both for gigs. Male butlers and bartenders are hire by the same agencies who contract work for male strippers and operate one in the same.

Burlesque show

I left this out of the title but this deserves a mention as well. There are big show burlesque with the work in their shows then local burlesque which is pretty much a tree branch of a stripper. I added them because like male reuves these event can exist in town featuring male or female strippers in the burlesque or strip show, i am confused. I want to repeat again that the big budgeted burlesque shows are well done and full of trained artist in ballet or other artistic forms.

Pole Dancing

This one deserves a honable mention as well and has been a craze for a while now. Basically women who dont want to be seen as strippers dress like strippers and perform tricks on a pole. This one is another hit with bachelorette parties in town

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