The 5 biggest thing to know as a male stripper

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Number #1 There are lot of male dancers

This pretty much means that there are lots of male strippers in every area and your not as gifted as you think. You may get use to audiences cheering you on but it was more of chance that you were lucky enough to book the show or be given it by another person. It is a rare case the females go specifically looking for a certain male dancers. They usually jump on google or the search engine of choice and google the right keyword and call the first company on the list. A lot of other entertainers dance just as good as you do, the crowd would like them just as much and in most cases the girls may have just wanted a body to have fun with. Knowing this the shows are much easy to do and get because there is no sense of being the chosen one and more happy to do another show.

Number #2 Practice the best hygiene

Hygiene is the most important thing to a male stripper. This definitely needs to be said because some of us smoke, drink and dont do the proper thing before a party happens so it does not go as well. A long drive over a hour and you just jump out of the car to do the show is pretty rough as well. The checklist should always be bath prior to the first show, use deodorant and other fragrances. Before you go on stage on perform your set wherever you are take some time to freshen up a bit instead of just jumping right into it. Make sure that your costume gets wash after every show especially the string and just take care of your appearance prior to going out.

Number #3 Learn how to dance if the crowd doesnt want to be touched

You need to learn how to dance and do the show without touching one member of the crowd. This seems like the obvious answer but it is easier said than done for a lot of people. Most dancers put on great shows with all the fancy trick and what not but what if the crowd does not want to be touched at all. This would put a lot of dancer in a problem of not being able to do anything, getting angry or repeating the same movements over and over again. You should be able to move with the songs and dance to them for as long as the crowd likes and show goes on by yourself. How to do this, learn to dance with the beat, slow down your dancing and just take you time instead of burning through the whole routine.

Number #4 There is no loyalty with agency and dancer

There is no loyalty working for agencies or others in the biz. Dont expect to be first on anyones list unless you are answering the phones as well, the agency probably has 10 guys ton pick from and if your leave then your immediately replaces with another body. The agency doesnt need you, does not expect you to stay and your using each other to split the upfront money is all. There is nothing wrong with this setup except dancers put high level of trust into agencies to alway give them work first but when they are over you or you are not useful then your done. There is no goodbye, 401k, thanks for all the work you did for me, they just done call or use you anymore.

Number 5 # Shows never go as expected

Shows never goes as expected is the last and final number. The shows may not start on time because girls are late or they are still eating. Sometimes the girls tell you 24 guest will be there and there are 4 people at the party and a long list of details. You have to be like water and just go with the flow when a booking happens, if you have back to back party the first show needs to be warned a few times, that you cannot stay there the whole time to keep entertaining them or they cannot be late for the start of the show. Maybe you may do the party and they dont want to be touched, lap danced on or anything as I said above, usually because the agency bait and switched and they are upset. You may want to do a trick and get told no by every member in attendance so instead of letting this affect you be prepared for anything at your parties or shows.

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