Wildest male revue

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Author – Michael

Here is my go at the wildest male revue I ever taken part of. Male revue shows have really changed over time from being self organized by other male strippers to national brands taking over the reigns in most cities. I use to perform in a few of them when they were ran by male dancers but that has changed of course over time

I did a male revue in a hole in the wall club down some back road in Smokey Mountain, Virginia. What possess me to drive 6 hours to do a male revue was I was a new dancer and didnt know any better. The promoter for the party was a dancer and business man of many things. He went out of his way to recruit male strippers from surrounding states to do his male revue. I drove their with another dancer along for the 6 + 6 hour trip front and back. The drive itself was very long and quiet down so long dark roads that were one way with big rigs.

When we got there it was a beat up building with a long line of females trying to get in and I thought to myself dang, this is how it is here. This meant of course that the place was packed wall to wall with women. We had about a hour to spear on arrival which goes by fast and I was first out since the newest dancer there. There were female strippers there as well who the promoter gave shows to present helping out. Without going into great detail they were in the dressing room with naked men which was a first for me. Before I knew it time had passed and the hype man was on the microphone promoting what was to come and my name was called out.

I entered the stage a little nervous since 100+ was in attendance but it went new guy okay. A few cheers, I grabbed a girl for a routine who was willing and I was done. I had a bear essentials during that time period but was blown back from watching the other guys. The guy I drove with was on their level but I seen him a few times and didnt know so many other like him existed. The simple routines of men in unison you see now was out of the window, all of these guys were big and muscular, there private parts were near knee cap and had some of the crazy acts and dancing I ever seen. There was no lap dancing or simple tricks but high flying stunts by big guys and pop locking central that looked very cool to a new dancer. Every time the beat hit, they could pop lock and pop lock so good. The combination of physical features, dancing and tricks I never seen or cant remember was a bit much and intimidating for a new guy. I am glad I went first.

The sexiest tale I care to tell was one act wear a big booty girl in a skirt was lifted and her dress flew up. He lifted her in a way where he butt ended up in his face, then in air twirl her back facing floor and to the ground. Wow! Next he did some type of wrestling move where she was rolled up and end up sitting on his face skirt still lifted before ending up at the end in a prone to all fours position to end. He did this stunt so well the crowd ran up and must of gave him hand fulls of tips, the girl was very happy and I was like wtf just happeded here. All in all my first out of state male revue show was full of acts that I have never seen before but was amazed at the creativity of other dancers.

When we were done saying out goodbyes and leaving a boyfriend popped up which was bad and tried to attack a male dancer. There is always gotta be a little drama right. I saw that dude get sucker punched and sent flying then stomped by a few other dancer before he knew what hit him. It was his fault for throwing a bunch in jealousy or anger to the dancer and it happened so quick. Usually during this time dancers try to pick up a female but this fight was so bad that it was time to go before bullets were next.

Minus the drama at the end, this was the wildest male revue because of the female strippers in backroom, to the bodies, dancing stunts and better than vegas style acts. It is a known fact that burlesque male revues got a lot of their stunts from dancers like this in the past. All I can say is wow, minus the six hour drive.

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