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Michael At Your Place

How to reserve

Call or text me at 8433609438 for hiring a male dancer. No bait and switch! Give me the details and we chat. Rent a male exotic dancer directly for your event. The best in male entertainment at your place Charleston SC. No guessing who you are getting with me, straight forward price and simple booking.

Sexiest Private Striptease

I only post authentic photos of myself and isn’t it better to speak directly with who is going to do your show? I am pretty good about being at my parties on time, answering questions, I like clear communication with the host and the crowd in attendance in the special occasion.

Confidentiality is key

I luv dancing for girls night and want to be your bachelorette male entertainer. Lets have a epic but discreetly party. Events last for 60 to 90 minutes, sometimes a show can run longer. Your experience can range from a laid back to fully engaged with me. Instead of leaving your Airbnb or home, let us have the party there instead.

Private party male stripper Charleston

Bachelorettes – Birthday – Divorce – College – Lap Dances

Charleston South Carolina

Male strippers for hire

Exotic shows to please you

Price: $200.00

Shows are kept secret

What happens at your party stays there that night. We will have a fantastic party experience at your place and act like it never happened later.

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Michael At Your Place

The best in ladies night out entertainment. Hottest independent male performer in Charleston. My shows sensually provide what is needed for your party instead of a one size fits all routine.

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