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The goal is to provide a entertainer show to female groups looking for a entertainer in my city. Local entertainment owner operated service that ONLY exit in the Charleston area. All events are private and stay private after your party. I try to make a straight forward presentation on my homepage of who your getting, what you are to expect and all the contact information needed. The best shows possible that are not in a rush and you know who is coming instead. Not only am I the dancer for your party but I built the website as well.

Local Owner Operated brand

Michaelatyourplace is a entertainment agency for hire website that travels to clients for get togethers in the Charleston, South Carolina area. This service offers the experience you need in house instead of going out. Your time will be spent wisely with this, for this entertainer service. Fast, easy and simple reserves for entertainment on a updated site. You pay on arrival, pleasant customer service on the phone and no online forms where you are in doubt and pay first. I want to answer all of your questions. The best part about using this agency is the again the party happened but never did. This brand does your party and gives you the best time possible and it is up to you if you disclose to anyone that you booked with me.

Local Businesses or Event Planners Open to Partnerships

When you book a with me, you can rest assured that you will receive a show that is tailored to your needs. I am a skilled performer, who is not only experienced but also I take account everyone personal space in your group. I know how to entertain a audience, and I can create a lively and engaging atmosphere that will keep your guests entertained.

One of the things that sets me apart from other agencies is the quality of my shows. I have honed my skills over many years of performing. I know how to put on a show that is both entertaining and I can adapt the performance to suit your needs.

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I am the artist, also website builder, SEO and marketer for the site. The website is managed by the same who will perform for your gig. My goal is to offer you the most professional but fun service. My “stage name” is Michael. I have enough experience to do well at your venue and understand what helps a show go well from start to finish. The biggest detail about this website and brand is you get the exact guy, you talk to your dancer on the phone and there is no confusion about your hire. My blogs represent my knowledge of a dancer so enjoy reading them as you find them. Hire the dancer that books, performs and is actively involves from start to finish.

Destination town and awareness

The holy city is a destination town for travelers, events and more. While event planning in advance or on a last thought. The goal is to help you celebrate during one of your nights while you are visiting town. You are the boss at your own party when you get me for your private stay which stays private. The roadmap to planning out what to do for a party can involve a lot of selection, this service is trying to get on your list of things to do while visiting the city.

Popular spot for Bachelorette parties in Charleston SC to take photos. This fountain is like a water park.
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