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male strippers near isle of palms

Michael At Your Place Isle of Palms

Is your bachelorette party taking you to the Isle of palms, SC and you need a male entertainer? Michael at your place is the hottest option. Your timeframes may not align with events at a certain time or you dont want to go to the bar so just order a male strippers for your entertainment with Michael at your place. This can easily be done by calling the number below.

Isle of Palms Male Strippers

Phone: 8433609438
Price: $200.00

Summer Promotion June July August

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How it works

The process is so simple and not the normal. Call the number above or text and tell me the details. While you are at it if you have any questions than I am happy to answer them as well. I collect the fee for the show in arrival so there is no need to worry about a down pay. After that we are both just waiting for the date to come pretty much.

The Isle of Palms is a hop and skip away from me so I can be at yourn party on time to do your show. These parties can be as bare as you want or as calm or laid back as well so you set the mood for your own party. If you bring thunder than the dancer will bring lightning or the reverse but even if mellow, let keep the show fun enough to go on.

Isle of Palms Michael At Your Place

Michael At Your Place

Bachelorette Party Male Stripper at the Beach House

A beach house is a interesting place to host a male stripper at your party in IOP, SC. The tempo is happy just because we are all at the beach and your at a beach house that you and your friends are renting together. the whole situations just rocks so go ahead and book a party today with me.

Want to see the dancer? Click on the photos button above, need to read about me? Click the about button or contact or home for more details which are supplied to you in full.

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