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This is a troupe of men usually hosted at a night club that have a dance act in group and solo acts for the enjoyment of the audience. They usually strip down to full covered back briefs or boxer shorts during these performances and it is full of a lot of flashy moves and roleplaying for the crowds to enjoy. This is what you will see at a male reuve.

The best male revues are in Las Vegas and Nashville for sure but small town revues or traveling groups are not to be underestimated as well. The bigger revues have the advantage of being a place for it to happen, more chances to dance and practice and the hotel or bar is already popular and well known.

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Here is the list

Reference: https://www.onthestrip.com/

  1. Chippendales – Most famous brand name for male strippers located in Rio All Suites Resort Hotel & Casino, the show will always go on because it is a corner stone of male dancing now. Going for the 11 straight years, Chippendales has been named the “Best Male Revue” and “Best Bachelorette Party Destination” by the Las Vegas Review Journal. The show is scene by more than 2 million people a year.
  2. Australia’s Thunder From Down Under  – You cant do a google search without them popping up in the top list. All the star and lights you want in a male reuve. They revues tours and has a spot in Vegas as well. It is unsaid that this male revue is just as good or even better than Chippendales per the rumors.
  3. Magic Mike – Another famous show based off the movie so it makes sense and of course right in Vegas. This show involves a burlesque vegas style act with adult content and a little bit of stripper appeal. Between the stars, starlights, acrobats and role playing you will be entertained.
  4. Black Magic Live – movie star invest show via Vivica Fox. Black male strippers at its best. Per there reviews it is a very entertaining vegas style male strip act that is like all the other Vegas shows with humor, role play and a thrilling male revue.
  5. Men in Motions – Atlantic city – https://meninmotiondancers.com/ the best revues that none can compare to in Atlantic city. These guy are amazing to watch and put on show stopping performances. No one can compare to these shows in the area. They also offer reuves in other cities.

Honorable mentions

Local shows right in your own backyard. I do not recommend eventbrite since it is used by national brands to spam
A. There is a male dancer in your city like for example Travis of a male stripper in miami
B. If you ever travel to the Toronto area check out https://hardbodydancer.com/ a amazing male stripper who comes to you. Dont miss out.
C. If you have a taste for Only fans dancers try http://xfanshub.com, stay at home and pull out that laptop tonight.
D. Best Agency in Australia www.adonisdanceacademy.com, learn to be a male stripper. A place to get all of your male dance lessons.
E. Find the dancer or entertainer you are looking for here https://vicevibe.com. Need to find a dancer in another city? Here you go.
F. Atlanta Male Revues with Sesedpro, some of the best reuves in town.

Reference: Onthestrip.com author Jen Smith
Reference: https://malestripperacademy.com/ author Tommy Harvey

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