How to hire a male stripper

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First off let me start by introducing myself Michael At Your Place, located in the photo above. The idea of hiring a dancer for the first time can be sketchy and it totally makes sense due to sterotypes. It is not so like the recent version of Magic Mike you may have seen or streaming videos that lurk on the internet so here we go. Many parties do not know what to expect or who really so it it understandable for the nervous feeling when hiring a dancer. I think the process is even moer confusing by what you see on the websites they maybe in the first spots on a search.

Your main two options will be a male burlesque or a male stripper in house. A male reuve is a bar that host the event. There is no such thing as a male strip club. They host a show that last 2 hours and is very and I meant very watered down due to being in a public space of a bar. The second and better option is at your private stay. It seems risky having a random stranger at your place but with the right choice in dancers, always a much better option to choose. I just want to repeat in this article that male strip clubs to not exist and I do not know why they are called this. There are bar that host events on the weekends sometimes.

Here is what happens at either event.

  1. Dancer for house party – It is just like ordering a pizza or waiting for that rushed amazon order to arrive at your door for the most part. This appointment can cover any type of party and location of your choosing for sure. The two biggest things about this route is the money saved not going to a bar, like gas, tickets and all those weird add ons. The dancer has your full attention as well, no sharing with other bachelorette parties in the room that night. You are the boss a this party experience from being your own doorman to the bartender as well and have complety control of the room. This is a better choice for the wilder groups that want to do whatever they want and not worry about outside interfernece and ect. that follows a bar scene. House parties set the setting for a enviroment that you control and you can make your own rules when it comes to how the party goes.
  2. Burlesque at the bar – I have done a few bar shows myself so I am not knocking it but it is not what it used to be and nowadays big brands run the shows so it is water downed and set up to pull at your credit cards while your there. You are not supposed to be touching at these places though the rule is always broken, the performances are basically street performers with less dancing and more back flips and what not for the screams and shock of the show and there are just lots of people at the bar from girls to guys. Its more burlesque and less male dancer as it should be and the bar wants to make money off of you, the bar is banking on you sticking around so the guys that enter the room next see ladies already there and constant upselling of things you done need or paying for seats or lap dances that you should already get for free. Its usually more about the hype and being in a bar scene vs a actual male strip show in the end. Beware of non refundable tickets if you buy or reserve early for any type of male strip show or male revue.

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Some tips for Both Occasions

  1. Always bring tips no matter which route you go
  2. Lean as much as you can before the show
  3. The photos are usually faked and so expect different faces and bodies
  4. If at a revue dont pay extra fore seats
  5. If at a revue dont pay extra for anything from cakes to drinks
  6. Communication helps but not to much
  7. In order to have fun you have to be active in the show
  8. Expect the unexpected and all male dancers are not the same.
  9. Beware of non refundable fees for whoever you book with
  10. The client you sets the rules and is the boss of your private parties

When planning out your party, brining in a dancer is a great addon to the activities. It is not like the movies, the smells, bodies and etc will be much different in real life of course. Rememeber it is just entertainment so have some fun of course.

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